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* our frequently asked questions *

congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the york bridal studio! 

we are on hand to guide you through the process of having your dress made perfect for you.

so here are a few 'frequently asked questions' for you to have a quick read through, to help prepare you for your appointments with us.

do i need to book an appointment?​​

yes you do. you need to book an appointment to visit the studio as we are by appointment only

our opening hours are:


Monday - 9.00am - 4.30pm

Tuesday - 9.00am - 4.30pm

Wednesday - 9.00am - 4.30pm 

Thursday - by appointment only for collections and drop offs

Friday - by appointment only for collections and drop offs

The studio is closed Saturday and Sunday


we are such a small studio and our staff are busy in the work studio, so it is better to book an bridal appointment

book an appointment via phone 01904 635470 or email -

do you confirm your appointments?​​

we always confirm our appointments by email.

if you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact us before making a journey to the studio.

 if you cannot make the appointment, please let us know immediately as we can offer the space to another bride on the list.

do you charge for your appointments?

no, we don't.

who can i bring with me? all the girls?

we are a very small studio, with no waiting area, so space is very limited. therefore we request that you keep your bridal party to a maximum of 1 person


can i bring my children with me? 

we are very sorry that we kindly request that do not bring children along. we are a working sewing studio, which is dangerous for children. we also do not have the space to cater for them. please ensure that you have childcare cover in place for when you have your appointment.

do you serve drinks?

unfortunately, we do not serve any beverages in the studio and kindly request that you do not bring any with you.

​do you sell shoes and accessories?

we have a lovely range of bridal accessories and veils to compliment your dress.

we do not sell any shoes

when is the best time to start my dress fittings?

we always recommend starting the work on your dress approx. 2-3 months prior to your wedding date. it is best to get booked in as soon as possible as we do get booked in very quickly in the busy summer season

we can accommodate smaller time frames, but these will incur a rush fee. with a minimum timeframe of 3 weeks.

when should i book my appointments?

we always recommend booking your appointments with us as soon as you have bought your dress. we will book you into our diary, which is open for the entire year. if you are getting married in the following year we can still book you in. we work on your dress approx. 2-3 months prior to your wedding date.

we can accommodate smaller time frames, but these will incur a rush fee. our a minimum working timeframe 3 weeks, in peak season.

what is the price range?

each bridal alteration is charged separately and is very unique to each dress and each bride. we can provide a price list but this is flexible on the amount of work required for each dress. this typically starts from £190, and increases with the additional work. a full price list is available on request. it is best to request a quote for your work first.

what should i wear?

we would recommend that you wear the correct underwear that you wish to wear on your wedding day. if you are unsure please make sure that you wear nude seamfree underwear. this will help us fit your dress correctly.

 please make sure that you bring your wedding shoes, or a shoe of a similar heel height, that you would wearing wedding day.

we would also kindly advise against wearing heavy make up and/or tanning as this does rub off onto your dresses and damages the fabric. thank you.

what are my fitting appointments?

the fitting appointments are when we start to work on your dress, the appointments are in place so that we can make sure the seamstresses have time to make your dress perfect for you. these appointments are generally made mid-week. due to high demand we ask for you to be flexible with your time and work with us to manage a fitting appointment plan that suits us all.

i would like to lose weight, will this affect my dress fitting?

if you plan to lose weight, we advise that you are at your desired weight at the point of your first dress fitting. as soon as we start to work on your dress we kindly request that you stay as stable as possible and please do not undertake any crash diets. any fluctuations in weight from this point to the final fittings will mean that there will be extra alteration work, which will incur extra costs.

do you carry out alterations on dresses that have not been bought from your shop?

yes we do, we offer a comprehensive alterations service on dresses, both bought from ourselves and dresses that have been purchased elsewhere. you would need to book in for an alteration appointment. we have amazing talented bridal alterations experts on hand to help and we are very reasonably priced. a full price list is available on request.

do you alter bridesmaids & flowergirl dresses?

yes we do, simply get in touch for more info

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